How To Make Delicious Kaju Katli At Home

Kaju Katli, also known as Kaju Barfi, is a popular Indian sweet made from cashew nuts and sugar. It’s a delicacy that’s often enjoyed during festivals and special occasions.

Making Kaju Katli at home can seem intimidating, but with the right ingredients and steps, you can prepare this delicious treat in your kitchen. Let’s dive into the recipe and some tips to make the perfect Kaju Katli.

Kaju Katli recipe


Before starting, gather the following ingredients:

  • 2 cups cashew nuts (kaju)
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1 tablespoon ghee (clarified butter)
  • Edible silver leaf (varak) for garnishing (optional)

Step-by-Step Recipe

Step 1: Preparing the Cashew Nut Powder

  1. Selecting the Cashews: Ensure you use fresh and good quality cashew nuts. Stale or old cashews can affect the taste and texture of the Kaju Katli.
  2. Grinding the Cashews: Grind the cashew nuts into a fine powder using a dry grinder or food processor. Be careful not to over-grind as it can release oil and turn into a paste. Sift the powder through a fine sieve to remove any large particles.

Step 2: Making the Sugar Syrup

  1. Boil the Water: In a non-stick pan, add 1/2 cup of water and 1 cup of sugar. Turn on the heat and stir until the sugar dissolves completely.
  2. Consistency Check: Continue to boil the syrup until it reaches a one-string consistency. To check, take a drop of syrup between your thumb and forefinger, and if a single thread is formed when you pull them apart, it’s ready.

Step 3: Mixing the Cashew Powder

  1. Add Cashew Powder to Syrup: Lower the heat and gradually add the cashew powder to the sugar syrup, stirring continuously to avoid lumps.
  2. Cook the Mixture: Keep stirring and cooking the mixture on low heat. Add 1 tablespoon of ghee to enhance the texture and flavor. Cook until the mixture thickens and starts leaving the sides of the pan.

Step 4: Shaping the Kaju Katli

  1. Transfer to a Plate: Grease a plate or a flat surface with ghee and transfer the cooked cashew mixture onto it. Allow it to cool slightly.
  2. Kneading: Once it is cool enough to handle, knead the mixture gently to make it smooth. Be careful not to over-knead as it can become greasy.
  3. Rolling: Place the dough between two sheets of butter paper or parchment paper. Roll it out into a thin layer using a rolling pin, about 1/4 inch thick.
  4. Cutting: Remove the top layer of paper and cut the rolled dough into diamond-shaped pieces using a sharp knife.

Step 5: Garnishing

  1. Adding Silver Leaf: If desired, you can garnish the Kaju Katli with edible silver leaf (varak). This step is optional but adds a festive touch to the sweet.

Step 6: Storing

  1. Storage: Store the Kaju Katli in an airtight container. It can stay fresh for about a week at room temperature.

Tips for Perfect Kaju Katli

  1. Cashew Quality: Always use fresh and high-quality cashews for the best taste and texture.
  2. Grinding Cashews: Ensure the cashew powder is fine and dry. Over-grinding can release oil, turning the powder into a paste.
  3. Sugar Syrup Consistency: Achieving the right sugar syrup consistency is crucial. One-string consistency ensures the right texture for Kaju Katli.
  4. Kneading: Knead the mixture while it’s still warm to get a smooth dough, but avoid over-kneading.
  5. Thickness: Roll the dough to an even thickness for uniform pieces.


  1. Saffron Kaju Katli: Add a pinch of saffron strands soaked in warm milk to the cashew mixture for a rich and aromatic twist.
  2. Pistachio Kaju Katli: Mix in some finely ground pistachios with the cashew powder for a colorful and flavorful variation.
  3. Chocolate Kaju Katli: Add a tablespoon of cocoa powder to the cashew mixture for a chocolate-flavored version.

Serving Suggestions

Kaju Katli is a versatile sweet that can be enjoyed in various ways:

  • Festive Treat: Serve Kaju Katli during festivals like Diwali, Holi, or Raksha Bandhan.
  • Gifts: Pack them in decorative boxes and gift them to friends and family.
  • Dessert: Enjoy Kaju Katli as a dessert after meals or during tea time.

Nutritional Benefits

Kaju Katli, while being a delicious treat, also offers some nutritional benefits:

  • Cashews: Rich in healthy fats, protein, and essential vitamins and minerals.
  • Ghee: Contains healthy fats and fat-soluble vitamins.

However, due to its sugar content, it’s best enjoyed in moderation.


Making Kaju Katli at home is a rewarding experience that allows you to enjoy this delectable sweet with the assurance of quality ingredients.

Follow this easy recipe and tips to create perfect Kaju Katli that will impress your family and friends. Whether it’s for a festive celebration or a special treat, homemade Kaju Katli is sure to delight everyone.

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