BGMI 60 FPS Config File (100% Lag Fix)

Are you tired of experiencing lag while playing Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI)? Do you wish for smoother gameplay and enhanced graphics? Look no further! In this article, we’ll explore how you can improve your BGMI experience by Getting a 60 FPS config file, guaranteed to fix lag issues and elevate your gaming adventure to the next level.

Understanding Lag Issues in BGMI

Lag in gaming means that the game isn’t responding as quickly or at all, which can cause stopping, ceasing, or slow-motion gameplay. In BGMI, lag can happen for a number of reasons, including slow networks, devices that can’t do everything they’re supposed to or software bugs. Problems like these can make it hard for a player to enjoy the game to the best, which can make them angry and frustrated.

Importance of 60 FPS in BGMI

There are several benefits to playing BGMI at 60 FPS. For example, it makes gaming faster and more sensitive, so players can quickly respond to moves and events in the game. Higher FPS also means better images, which makes the game look better and makes you feel more involved in it. Playing at 60 FPS helps BGMI more fun overall, whether you’re in intense firefights or exploring the vast landscapes of Erangel.

What is a Config File?

A config file, short for the configuration file, is a text file that contains settings and parameters used to customize the behaviour of software or applications. In the context of gaming, a config file can be used to optimize game performance by adjusting graphics settings, resolution, and other variables. By tweaking these settings, players can achieve better frame rates and smoother gameplay without compromising on visual quality.

BGMI 60 FPS Config File (100% Lag Fix)

Config File60 FPS
VersionLatest Update 3.2
Safe100% Safe

Features of 60 FPS Config File

  1. Supporting all devices
  2. 100% Lag Fix
  3. Smooth Gameplay
  4. Constant 60 FPS
  5. Easy to Get
  6. No ID ban

How to Apply BGMi 60 FPS Config File

To apply 60 FPS Config File in BGMI, follow these steps:

  1. First of All, Get the BGMi 60 FPS Config File From the Google
  2. Now Extract The Downloaded File Using the Zarchiver App
  3. After That Copy the Files Folder and Paste it into the Below path
  4. /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/BGMi Folder/files Paste
  5. All Done, You have successfully applied 60 FPS Config File in Bgmi
  6. Restart your device and launch Bgmi.

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